Professional athletes not only train their bodies, but also take care of their physical and psychological balance to achieve their goals. Their training time is compensated with "smart resting" periods to avoid injury and burnout, but most importantly to increase physical and psychological performance.

This "smart resting" period is my R2P session:


This two and a half hour session is composed of a targeted energy healing session, assisted stretching, and a full body energy massage with a synergy of plant based natural oils specifically selected to decrease muscle tension while regenerating soft tissues.

The physical and psychological effects take place deeply and allow you to improve your performance in your day to day life, but most importantly during your favorite sport, giving you a significant edge on your competition.

The R2P session combines simple, natural, efficient, proven and safe methods, that reestablish your body's balance and positioning into space, and reset your mental capacities.

Your body's energy flow opens up, and your blockages are released.

The restoration of your body's regenerative capacity is obtained through muscle and joint relaxation , an increase of blood flow and a better nerve flow.

Releasing the tension of the muscles and the vertebrae improves your body's ability to heal itself, and progressively gives back to your spine its mobility and natural posture, while unblocking your energy flow.

The R2P session is a major component of your sport's training, whatever your level or sport.


Energy healing sessions are in no case medical treatments or advice and do not replace medical treatments, nor medical advice. According to the law # 46.857 of April 16th 1946, the articles L 4321.1 and R 4321.3 of the "code de la santé publique" and the ordinance  2008-507 of May 30th 2008, energy healing sessions are neither medical treatments nor physical therapy treatments, but according to article 38 of the law # 2005-882 of August 2nd 2005, they provide a way to harmonize the body and mind, and improve lives through relaxation.