relax session

A 2 and a half hour session, composed of a one hour energy healing session, followed by an 80 minute full body energy healing massage massage, with local olive oil and warm regenerative essential oils.

A deeply relaxing and divinely rejuvenating experience, an invitation to let go, a personal reward, a natural boost for your body and mind.

You will leaver ultra-relaxed, with a clear mind and a perfectly relaxed body. For those who need to re-center themselves, who need anchoring along with the need to "clean things up" inside. A greatway to reset "your clocks" and to start anew with positivity.

rejuvenation ~ release ~ peace~ Regeneration

Your energy and intellectual flows will be freed, and your boy will be deeply relaxed, to make room for a positive renewal.

a session to erase the effects of stress and difficult situations!


Energy healing sessions are in no case medical treatments or advice and do not replace medical treatments, nor medical advice. According to the law # 46.857 of April 16th 1946, the articles L 4321.1 and R 4321.3 of the "code de la santé publique" and the ordinance  2008-507 of May 30th 2008, energy healing sessions are neither medical treatments nor physical therapy treatments, but according to article 38 of the law # 2005-882 of August 2nd 2005, they provide a way to harmonize the body and mind, and improve lives through relaxation.