High speed life, personal or professional stress, the need for relaxation has never felt so real!

To help you easily reach relaxation , I have designed three unique massages that allow your body to let go and regenerate itself, to oxygenate your muscles and to free up the tensions and stress you have accumulated.

You will feel re-centered and re-balanced, your body's energy flow will be boosted and your body and mind's abilities will be renewed and strengthened. 

Getting a massage is a way to listen to your body, a way to feel good in a simple way and to reward yourself.

Each massage is unique and adapted to your needs, with the utmost respect of your privacy.

* Massages are not recommended in case of phlebitis, open wounds, recent burn, or with certain types of cancer for which you will need yopur treating physician's clearance.


scents massage

Men's favorite - To rejuvenate yourselfafter a physical effort, to decrease inflammation & muscle and joint pain, to remove negative vibrations,  to regenerate your body and spirit and to learn to let go during an ultra relaxing and unique moment, amplified by the use of local cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, enriched with organic essential oils specifically chosen for their therapeutic benefits. 

Nature's goodness is here at the service of  this privileged moment of relaxation, with scents that will remind you of the warm and comforting scents of our magical brushland. 

Massage Lavande

Women's favorite - For deep and natural relaxation, a need for serenity and inner peace, a well being escape, a search for spiritual fulfillment, listening to a selection of world music, with local organic sunflower seed oil and the essential oil of our locally grown lavender, produced and distilled by us. 

A relaxing break to escape your daily stress and leave with a calm mind and a relaxed body. 

A great way to take care of yourself and to reset your internal clocks, because you simply deserve it!

Core Massage

Some call it "the key" to wellness, or the magic massage. It targets the abdomen and the lumbar area to free up and strengthen one of the most energetically charged areas of your body.

It significantly improves organ function and intestinal transit, decreases the feeling of stress felt around the solar plexus and helps reach total mind and body harmony, while strengthening self-confidence and giving an instant feeling of well being and relaxation.

[done over 2 hours after a meal]



Energy healing sessions are in no case medical treatments or advice and do not replace medical treatments, nor medical advice. According to the law # 46.857 of April 16th 1946, the articles L 4321.1 and R 4321.3 of the "code de la santé publique" and the ordinance  2008-507 of May 30th 2008, energy healing sessions are neither medical treatments nor physical therapy treatments, but according to article 38 of the law # 2005-882 of August 2nd 2005, they provide a way to harmonize the body and mind, and improve lives through relaxation.