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Energy therapy awakens and stimulates vital functions. It works on the physical, mental and emotional levels. It starts or restarts your innate balancing mechanisms and provide your body with a supplemental boost of energy necessary for its regeneration, relaxation, healing and functioning.

An energy healing session gives you a natural energy boost, decreases or eliminates your pain and inflammation, increases your vitality, strengthens your immune system, decreases the effects of stress, frees up energy blockages, and provide you with a general state of well being and a deep sensation of inner peace. 

Energy healing therapy is adapted to the following problems :

  • General fatigue, stress, anxiety...

  • Muscle and joint problems, tendonitis, twisted ankles, back pain, cervical pain, torticolis, tennis-elbow...

  • Diverse inflammations

  • Digestive issues

  • Migraines, headaches

  • Energy balancing (physical, emotional, mental)

  • Symptoms of depression, PTSD, feeling unwell...

  • Emotion management, emotional blockage, ADHD, lack of motivation or desire, lack of self-estime or self-confidence...

Each session begins with a dialogue that allows to define your needs of the moment. Depending on your issue you will either be seated or lying down comfortably.  Hand positioning will then take place over or directly on top of certain parts of your body. Protocoles are based on scientific theories pertaining to anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and quantum physics.

Different protocoles can be used according to your needs. Each session takes place in a safe, serene, compassionate, empathic professional environment, without judgement, and with utmost respect. 

A session usually lasts about 45 minutes, and two to three sessions are recommended for optimal results.


Energy healing sessions are not medical treatments or advice and do not replace medical treatments, nor medical advice. According to the law # 46.857 of April 16th 1946, the articles L 4321.1 and R 4321.3 of the French public health code and the ordinance  2008-507 of May 30th 2008, energy healing sessions are neither medical treatments nor physical therapy treatments, but according to article 38 of the law # 2005-882 of August 2nd 2005, they provide a way to harmonize the body and mind, and improve lives through relaxation.