Finally a personalized healing session only for men!

Our society is continuously imposing upon us cultural and religious taboos that condition man's expression of emotions, and that slow down or infringe upon his personal, professional, emotional and social development.

In this context, it is not surprising that one out of ten men suffer from anxiety or depression, and that, although amounting to 49% of the population, men represent 90% of suicides.

In today's world, men are still expected to be "dignified" and "strong", and to hide their emotions in public as if they were strictly for women.

Since those taboos are pounded into men from an early age, men often have difficulties letting go of the intensity of their physical and emotional pains. They often only allow themselves to do so only when they are alone, away from anyone's sight. They will tire themselves hiding their emotions by developing excessive demeaners (addictions, violence, submission...), or will fall into depression.

Men often refrain from expressing their feelings, often feel an inner resistance to ask for help or to receive help, even if they know they need it. They doubt themselves more and more and lose their self-confidence.

Vulnerability doesn't make you weak...on the contrary. It makes you stronger because it allows you to understand your weaknesses and your strengths in order to manage your weaknesses an turn them into strengths. Learning to be more vulnerable is being able to identify your emotions and accept them as they are. 

Men are as multi-dimensional as women and they should also be able to become the best version of themselves.

Those are the reasons why I decided to help today's men to reveal themselves to themselves, and the world around them by creating

For today's man

a unique session to help men go beyond the cultural taboos they are prisoners of, to help them find their inner freedom, to help them learn and earn how to express their emotions, to help them break free from their socio-cultural chains, to allow them to gain back their self-confidence, so they can finally truly and fully live their lives.

the session

A two hour session that takes place in a serene and relaxing environment, free of any kind of judgement. It's a true awakening of the senses that will help you develop empathy towards yourself thanks to a better understanding of your emotions, revealed through the use of energy healing therapy and energy healing massage therapy. 

A sensorial experience where hearing, seeing, smelling and touching are an invitation to learn how to let go, to welcome each of your emotions simply and naturally, to listen and discover your body in order to manage your well being. 

It's a moment to learn to be yourself and to become your best self. You will come out of it rejuvenated, fulfilled, relaxed, peaceful, freer and mindful.

Two sessions are recommended initially and follow up sessions can be scheduled to maintain your well being.

Rate : 95€ per session.

Each session is conducted with utmost respect of your privacy.



Les massages et soins énergétiques sont des soins de bien-être et ne sont en aucun cas des soins de traitement médicaux. Ils ne remplacent ni les traitements, ni les avis, ni les suivis médicaux. Vis à vis de la loi 46.857 du 30 avril 1946, des articles L 4321.1 et R 4321.3 du code de la santé publique et de l'ordonnance 2008-507 du 30 mai 2008, il ne s'agit nullement de soins médicaux ou de kinésithérapie, mais en accord avec l'article 38 de la loi 2005-882 du 02 aout 2005, de moyens d'harmonisation du corps et de l'esprit, ainsi que d’hygiène de vie par la relaxation physique et la détente.