Open since June 2022, my new office has been specifically designed to create a luxury spa worthy relaxing and well being environment, but anchored into the humility and the authenticity of the natural materials. The use of natural clay on the walls was obvious because of its numerous properties. Clay naturally regulates the environmental humidity level. It produces negative ions that improve and purify the air, calm down the nervous system by reducing stress, improve breathing by increasing cell oxygenation. Furthermore, dust doesn't cling to clay.

The nobility of wood is represented and showcased in different ways to provide a sensation of Nature, underlined by original photographic art.

The indirect lighting, warm and soft, is regulated according to the type of session thanks to a dimmer.

The temperature is regulated by a reversible air conditioning heat pump system to produce a balmy temperature adapted to the session. During massages, the temperature is set at 23ºC. The treatment table is also heated when needed.

Our hydrosols are diffused by nebulization and we sometimes add organic essential oils to them to create synergies of olfactive signatures that change according to the seasons.

The office is located in the heart of the village, on the ground floor, and wheelchair accessible.

Appointments are available Monday through Saturday.

4bis rue du Gourguet - 34210 La Livinière