- The basics of energy healing massage -

& initiation to aromachology

According to a British study published in 2017, wellness massages done on a regular basis between a couple strengthen the stability of the relationship while increasing the wellbeing of the individuals. 

The strengthening of the couple's stability through mutual massage is linked to the body connection, the touch and the wellbeing that they create, revealing an act of deep affection.

You will learn, taking turns, the basics of an energy massage which you will practice on your partner. 

A workshop for all couples, split between theory and practice, during which you will model for each other, in a safe and respectful environment. 

You will also learn how to use natural scents to increase your wellbeing and change your mood, and you will learn to identify favorite natural scents for yourself and for both of you.

A fun way to grow your couple's relationship and complicity.

A three hour workshop entirely dedicated to you. 

Rate : 150€ per couple