Chris Pinard

Energy Therapist [Certified Quantum Touch™ practitioner] & Energy Massage Therapist [certified by IFraCE]

I channel the Universal Vital Energy which I guide toward those who seek my help, over specific areas, in order to restore their vibrational state and boost their capacity to heal themselves. 

I consciously and intuitively use my knowledge, my professional experience of more than 25 years, and my own protocols to improve the well being of the individual I am providing my services to. Energy healing doesn't come from beliefs, religions, or the call of spirits, but is based on scientific quantum physics theories and the fact that human beings are bioenergetic beings. Energy healing sessions do not replace any medical treatment, diagnosis, or medical advice, and are harmless.


My passion for human body biomechanics led me to obtain the certifications of Professional Fitness Trainer (ACE [American Council on Exercise] and ISSA [International Sports Sciences Association]) in 1996 in the USA. In 1997, I joined a group of chiropractors as a consultant in durable physical rehab. I became a Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist in 1997 (AAHFP [American Academy of Health and Fitness Professionals]), a Certified Chiropractic Assistant in 1999 (NCCA [North Carolina Chiropractic Association]) and a Certified  Fitness Therapist™ in 2000 (ISSA), and worked with six local chiropractors while maintaining a private office.

In 2006, I joined a chiropractic office composed of three doctors (in Gastonia, NC- USA) as the Therapist for their rehab and therapeutic modalities service while still keeping my private practice. In 2009, I joined a different chiropractic practice, geared more toward natural methods, to concentrate more on patients suffering from sports injuries, chronic pain, and specializing in back problems

I've been using energy healing therapy in my protocols since 1996, first through the use of the STT technique (Systematic Touch Training) for pro and semi-pro athletes' rehab, and in 2009, I became a Certified Quantum Touch® practitioner. In 2011, I expanded my knowledge of natural therapies and their effects on human beings (sylvotherapy, aromachology, mindfulness meditation, earthing/grounding...).

After 26 years in the United States, I came back to France in 2017, with my wife Jackie, and we settled in the Minervois area.

In 2018, I started my energy therapy practice, Zen Minervois, in order to help durably heal people's physical and mental pains naturally. The same year, I became a Certified Energy Massage Therapist (IFraCE) in order to improve and perfect my wellness massage technique.

That same year, I created Florir, an association, and the first Minervois Nature Festival, an eco-friendly event to help the public discover nature with quality, diverse and local artisans and plant growers.

In 2021, I created Senteurs du Minervois, a small aromatic and medicinal plant farm, specialized in lavender and rosemary, from which a line of natural well being products was born, based on aromachology (the study of the influence of scents on human beings). The majority of ingredients used in our products come from our own naturally grown aromatic plants (currently being certified organic), or wild aromatic plants harvested in the garrigue.

That same year, I incorporate new natural energy techniques into my practice with the use of floral elixirs, and olive wood, oak wood or cade wood.

In 2024, I team up with a small group of aromatic and medicinal plant growers to start Fleurs d'Aude, a non profit organisation which promotes to the general public the different aspects of aromatic and medicinal plants.


In my practice, my goal remains to help you feel good, while reducing or eliminating your physical or emotional pain using natural, simple, and efficient proven methods, to allow you to discover the magic powers that are within you, and the regenerative power of nature.

My strong connection with nature gives meaning and inspirationto my life, my values, and to my therapeutic and philosophical approaches. 

I welcome you to my La Livinière office, Monday through Saturday, by appointment only.